All new Silverlight based 3CX MyPhone

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A new beta version of the 3CX MyPhone has many advantages, and one of the biggest plus points is the fact that it is run on Silverlight for the first time.

Another highlight of the easy-to-use portal is that it is supported on an Apple Mac. Furthermore, while it is web-based it can be run as a desktop app.

3CX MyPhone replaces the old 3CX MyPhone and the 3CX Assistant for the award winning 3CX phone system for Windows.

There will now be many features to look forward to including PnP support for phones such as the Google Android, the iPhone and Yealink phones.

There is also complete G722 support but it requires a phone that is G722 capable.
Version 10 is however still a BETA with some imitations. 3CX customers should note that the provisioning port has changed to port 5000 - “http://IPADDRESSSERVER:5000/provisioning”.

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