BT and Polycom develop enterprise services for Microsoft Communications Server "14"

BT and Polycom have enhanced their suite of end-to-end services and solutions for the forthcoming Microsoft Communications Server "14".
The BT unified communications products will be launched this week at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2010 will include voice and professional services as well as networked IT on a global scale.
Meanwhile Polycom is introducing its new CX IP phones which integrate with Microsoft Communications Server "14".
These products are designed for system interoperability in and outside of the cloud. BT has created reference architectures to deploy and manage server and software platform solutions with full network impact and utilization.
BT also has global SIP networks which have just been certified for Microsoft Communications Server "14" so that customers can gradually migrate to the new unified communications technology.
Neil Sutton, the VP of BT Global Services global portfolio, said: "Delivering services and solutions to large enterprise customers is demanding and complex, but the key is to give users a set of simple and convenient tools."
He added: "BT is well-positioned to do so as we offer a breadth of networked IT Services, extensive integration experience, a clear investment roadmap and accredited professional services."

The cost savings of Communications Server "14"

How Communications Server "14" can save you half a million dollars on your on mobile roaming charges plus info on the E911 feature and Skills Search.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Integrated social media products like Microsoft Communications Server "14" are the future

Social media is the way of the future according to new research. The findings show that more and more people are using social media along with their VoIP phones and unified communications solutions, factors which should drive up interest in the forthcoming Microsoft Communications Server "14" product.
The Yankee Group study found that both consumers and workers want an element of social networking in their business communications, with 70% of consumers wanting to access company experts through social media.
Those surveyed said that they would become more loyal to a company if they could access the right sectors. It is also big on the wishlist of workers, despite the fact that 30% of companies have not formulated relevant policies. Products like Microsoft Communications Server "14" fulfill this social networking role within businesses. They offer a skills search set that makes locating the right person within a company framework that much easier.
Zeus Kerravala, a research fellow at the Yankee Group, said: "Businesses can improve customer service as well as employee productivity and collaboration by integrating social media within their contact centres."

Brocade IP Networking for Microsoft Communications Server “14”

Microsoft Partner Brocade has validated its IP networking technologies for Microsoft Communications Server “14”, the presence and PBX replacement product which is out later this year.
The director of Microsoft Communications Server, Moz Hussain, said: “Communications Server "14" will enable full enterprise telephony, thus opening up a world of possibilities for customers who want increased collaboration."
Brocade IP networking products such as the Brocade NetIron for Layer 2-3 switching will provide interoperability and a network infrastructure as part of a comprehensive Unified Communications (UC)solution. This is part of making the transition to VoIP on Communications Server “14”, while maintaining the high standards which are expected in business.
The VP of Data Center and Enterprise Networking Technology at Brocade, Jason Nolet, said that ensuring this quality of service was essential during the huge migration of customers to UC products as they looked to save costs.
He said: “Brocade open standards-based networking technologies ensure reliable voice, video and data traffic and enable a seamless experience for users.”

Communications Server "14" HD video-conferencing through ClearOne

Offerings are being produced all the time in anticipation of Microsoft's Communications Server "14" presence and PBX replacement product. One of the latest is High Definition video-conferencing through ClearOne.
This is a certified Microsoft Communications Server "14" offering which can provide HD audio conferencing for up to 15 people.
The INTERACT AT-OC offering means that you can share data over high quality voice and video functions in conference environments. By using it you can teleconference easily with the minimum of set-up time.
The ClearOne product management VP for conferencing, Darrin Thurston, said: "Our offering maximises all of the collaboration features of the Microsoft Communications Server "14" for any group environment. It gives a truly unified experience which combines HD video and audio with the full Microsoft app suite.
He added: "By combining a PC, USB camera and display with the INTERACT AT-OC you can create a low cost video-conferencing solution."

Communications Server “14” more than just a PBX replacement

The soon-to-be-released Communications Server “14” product by Microsoft will be more than just a PBX replacement and will have far-reaching Unified Communications properties.
Not only will enterprise Voice be among its key features but it will also offer integration with Microsoft SharePoint, conferencing and real-time collaboration. There will be a presence-based search facility too.
Furthermore Communications Server “14” will be easy to deploy. As well as having numerous servers including a front-end server and a back-end server, there will be a Director role which configures director server. The overall effect is to simplify the topologies of Communications Server “14”.
In Communications Server “14” a Central Management Store makes it possible to configure data from one location. Then there is the Microsoft Silverlight version 4 Web application - the Communications Server Control Panel. This new management interface replaces the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) as used in previous products.
In terms of VoIP capabilities, call resiliency, call park and E911 are some of the standout features.
There is also Media bypass which allows media traffic to bypass the Mediation Server and flow directly from Communications Server "14" to the IP-PBX or gateway.
These features and many more make Communications Server “14” more than just a PBX replacement.

Confused about Communications Server "14"?

Confused about Communications Server "14"? I am. There's been a lot of different information put out there and even when it comes from reputable sources it can be hard to understand. Luckily the Microsoft team have put out a series of videos recently where you can hear about Communications Server "14" right from the horse's (read expert's) mouth.
Tech gurus and partner coordinators John Durant and Jaime Stark are the latest aficionados to give us a view on Communications Server "14" features and phew - it is easy to comprehend! In this video they talk about apps and easy ways to develop Communications Server "14". They also explain the skills search presence thing. It's easy to find someone in an office who you do know but what if you know nothing about them? Basically Communications Server "14" is the future of Unified Communications for the office so you would do well to have a listen.

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