5 great partner solutions for Microsoft Communications Server “14”

We can hardly wait for Microsoft Communications Server “14”. In the meantime loads of companies have come up with cool partner solutions. Here's a look at the top five.

1) IP phones

Specially optimised IP phones for Microsoft Communicator “14” have been released by Polycom and Aastra. These products can provide multimedia calling and a streamlined setup with desktop phone control.

2) Integrated PSTN gateway functionality

This allows you to use a variety of products and services with Microsoft Communications Server “14”. These third party gateways will be qualified through the Microsoft Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program.
3) Remote working

For remote working there are local telephony services that could even compensate in the event of a wide area network failure. Check out Dialogic, AudioCodes, Ferrari electronic AG, HP, and NET.

4) Enhanced call resolution.

Aspect Unified IP can enhance first your call resolution while providing additional contact channels. There is also a single interface for bill reports.
5) Real-time analytics

The Nice Systems SmartCenter allows Microsoft Communications Server “14” customers to benefit from real-time analytics so that you can gear your work according to the overall performance of the business.

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