Communications Server becomes Microsoft Lync

Right time for me to eat humble pie, my previous post about Communications Server "14" remaining nameless is wide of the mark.

Now I know that one of the beauties of blogging is that I could just change it or add an update. But I have decided to own my mistake - I feel it is only appropriate given the confusion that has surrounded CS14.

So we have Microsoft Lync 2010 and all of its benefits of IM, Enterprise voice, meeting capabilities and presence. The name Lync is meant to be a synergy of 'Link' and 'Sync' which reflects its ability to connect people in any way and from anywhere.

I just talked to an industry expert and he told me that this was an attempt by Microsoft to get back to the top of the tree as far as OS office and associated products are concerned.

He felt that the arrival of Communications Server is a return to the days of having fully reliable Microsoft products that do exactly what they say on the tin.
Many people in big business has been forced to drift away from MS products and then lose time and money learning how to use them.

And yes he believed that office workers will be weaned off expensive and time-consuming conferences now that web, audio and video-conferencing will be so easy.

There is more information about Microsoft Lync 2010 and how to download the release candidate here.

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