Communications Server Keeps Donald Duck Waiting

This morning I had a look at one of my favourite Communications Server sites by Chris Norman to find a very handy guide to web conferencing straight from your browser with Communications Server "14".

The picture above shows how you can have someone waiting (in this case Donald Duck - I bet he's getting mad) but ready to join a meeting even if they are not an administrator. This is known as lobby functionality and it gives you complete control over your web conferencing.

Now DD is in the conversation, though it is always hard to understand a duck, even with crystal clear audio and video. Notice all the nice options on the right hand side for sharing Powerpoint presentations and more.

The web conferencing is taken one step further in this shot as Chris is actually sharing his screen with DD, as evidenced by the arrow.

Finally DD is opening firefox to check out audio meeting options. Fantastic stuff VoIPNorm!

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