Five great benefits of OCS 14

Microsoft is looking to develop its expertise in the field of unified communications with the forthcoming OCS 14 product. Here are five ways in which OCS 14 will make your life easier.

1) Don’t want to subject people to awful renditions of Greensleeves on panpipes when they are on hold? Try the new call parking feature. This transfers the call to an unused line outside of the phone system, from which it can then be retrieved quickly and easily.
2) In emergencies the enhanced 911 feature of OCS 14 is bound to come in use as it allows emergency services to pinpoint your exact location. In times when you might find it hard to describe where you are, this is invaluable as the caller’s location and information is directly transmitted to the response team.
3) Ever get tongue tied on the phone? With OCS 14 that could be a thing of the past as you can enter contextual information on the caller ID, for instance ‘Nick calling to discuss latest marketing strategies’.
4) The simultaneous ring feature is very useful, as you can have the call ring on a number of phones so that you can pick it up at whichever is easiest. No more coffee spills as you run into the office to take that important call, it will ring on your mobile too.
5) If your eyes are getting tired and you don’t feel up to reading any more documents, then the voice-recognition software might well be your favourite feature. It allows you to transmit voice mails into an audio file which can then be accessed in your email or outlook folder, and listened to/or read.

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