Microsoft vs Google

The competition between Microsoft and Google will come to a head this year when the new OCS communications server technology is released.

Microsoft has planned to create a product where multiple documents can be viewed by multiple users, and in which all updates are current and visible to all. Of course the benefits this could have to business are numerous.
While Google docs also performs this function, Microsoft claims that its product will offer more opportunities for collaboration. Central to this is the new Social Connector feature which adds personal profiles and 'presence awareness' so that you can work on Office, SharePoint, and Communications Server all at the same time with a smooth transition of data.
While Google is the unchallenged king of search engine capability that is now turning its attention towards various other products, Microsoft aims to keep control over the applications and operating systems market.

Along with Office 2010, part of the Microsoft plan to increase its power is the Office Communications Server 2010, known as OCS. This will use SharePoint and Office to deliver VoIP technology .
Kurt DelBene, senior VP of Microsoft's Office group, said: "Because the notion of presence is central to the collaboration experience, we are of the opinion that you should be able to move easily between different modalities of communication."

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