Google vs Microsoft

To take on the forthcoming Microsoft OCS 2010 product, Google has come up with business docs which it says are cheaper and easier to use.

Speaking at a conference on cloud computing, Google was forthright in suggesting their apps suite could do a better job than Microsoft.

Anil Sabharwal, the product manager of Google Apps, said: "When Microsoft comes knocking to say that you need to upgrade to the OCS communications server, you should know that you now have an alternative choice. Our apps suite is a viable replacement for the majority of users."

Google's software will only cost about £30 per year, which they expect to be much lower than what Microsoft charges for Office 2010. The Apps suite will offer opportunities for collaboration between colleagues, including better support for imported documents.

However, a Microsoft spokesman said they were confident they could offer something that Google couldn't in the field of cloud computing.

"Basic features like auto fill, document fidelity, the ability to share content across applications and cut and paste are all essential. It is very revealing that only after three years in the marketplace is Google adding the type of functionality that most people and businesses require."

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