Confused about Communications Server "14"?

Confused about Communications Server "14"? I am. There's been a lot of different information put out there and even when it comes from reputable sources it can be hard to understand. Luckily the Microsoft team have put out a series of videos recently where you can hear about Communications Server "14" right from the horse's (read expert's) mouth.
Tech gurus and partner coordinators John Durant and Jaime Stark are the latest aficionados to give us a view on Communications Server "14" features and phew - it is easy to comprehend! In this video they talk about apps and easy ways to develop Communications Server "14". They also explain the skills search presence thing. It's easy to find someone in an office who you do know but what if you know nothing about them? Basically Communications Server "14" is the future of Unified Communications for the office so you would do well to have a listen.

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