Integrated social media products like Microsoft Communications Server "14" are the future

Social media is the way of the future according to new research. The findings show that more and more people are using social media along with their VoIP phones and unified communications solutions, factors which should drive up interest in the forthcoming Microsoft Communications Server "14" product.
The Yankee Group study found that both consumers and workers want an element of social networking in their business communications, with 70% of consumers wanting to access company experts through social media.
Those surveyed said that they would become more loyal to a company if they could access the right sectors. It is also big on the wishlist of workers, despite the fact that 30% of companies have not formulated relevant policies. Products like Microsoft Communications Server "14" fulfill this social networking role within businesses. They offer a skills search set that makes locating the right person within a company framework that much easier.
Zeus Kerravala, a research fellow at the Yankee Group, said: "Businesses can improve customer service as well as employee productivity and collaboration by integrating social media within their contact centres."

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