Communications Server “14” more than just a PBX replacement

The soon-to-be-released Communications Server “14” product by Microsoft will be more than just a PBX replacement and will have far-reaching Unified Communications properties.
Not only will enterprise Voice be among its key features but it will also offer integration with Microsoft SharePoint, conferencing and real-time collaboration. There will be a presence-based search facility too.
Furthermore Communications Server “14” will be easy to deploy. As well as having numerous servers including a front-end server and a back-end server, there will be a Director role which configures director server. The overall effect is to simplify the topologies of Communications Server “14”.
In Communications Server “14” a Central Management Store makes it possible to configure data from one location. Then there is the Microsoft Silverlight version 4 Web application - the Communications Server Control Panel. This new management interface replaces the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) as used in previous products.
In terms of VoIP capabilities, call resiliency, call park and E911 are some of the standout features.
There is also Media bypass which allows media traffic to bypass the Mediation Server and flow directly from Communications Server "14" to the IP-PBX or gateway.
These features and many more make Communications Server “14” more than just a PBX replacement.

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