Communications Server “14″ set for Bing Translate

An app is now available which allows you to use the Communications Server “14″ platform with Bing Translate. Using the Bing search engine you can translate web pages and other web based info from one language into another.

You can also have instant messaging conversations in more than 30 different languages. Therefore this app is ideal for Microsoft Communications Server “14″ as it ties into the whole aim of the product by helping to facilitate collaboration. For global commpanies this is a huge benefit, and even small to medium sized entreprises will be able to operate on a multinational basis thanks to this technology. Translate for Communications Server “14″ will allow them to venture into international markets with confidence.

It could also be used for Multi language helpdesk to enable website support. That means that customers of all nationalities can be dealt with on a cost effective basis. This applies to emergency services calls as well so problems can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

All in all Communications Server “14″ is delivering a unified communications experience which streamlines business across borders and the Bing app will further improve this service.

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