5 benefits of Communications Server “14”

Communications Server “14” is almost here and we are gradually finding out more and more about the product, save for what name Microsoft might eventually name it – maybe Communications Server 2010?
Whatever name they come up with, hundreds of hours of research have gone into making Communications Server “14” a fully collaborative product which connects employees, partners and customers at any time and in any place.
So here’s a look at the top 5 features of Communications Server “14”, as were outlined at the recent TechEd 2010 conference.

1) The Activity Feed - social networking is very much the future of the internet experience and many people have seized on the Facebook like nature of Communications Server “14”. The activity feed tells you what your colleagues are up to and whether they are available to work.
2) Integrating Communications Server “14” with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Sharepoint uses presence information to search for people and resources in the company.
3) The converged communications experience gives a single client experience for video and voice capabilities, data sharing and instant messaging.
4) Special search features. Not only can you search for colleagues using pictures and titles as part of your queries but you can also search for certain skills that you need, for instance to help complete a project.
5) Expect absolutely crystal clear video and voice throughout the office thank to the 720p HD webcam video over Communicator.
Not long to go now before Communications Server “14” will start shipping, are you as excited as I am?

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