Communications Server 14 features revealed

Microsoft has revealed the features we can expect in Communications Server "14"
during the recent TechEd 2010 conference in New Orleans, USA.
These include Office document and application sharing, expert search, and one-click meeting access from SharePoint, Outlook and smartphones. Microsoft says that the main benefits of Communications Server 14 are instant messaging, complete presence, enterprise and conference voice capabilities through an easy-to-use interface.
Microsoft expects to deliver Communications Server 14 by the end of the year.
Microsoft Server and Tools President, Bob Muglia, said: "We give customers the tools to take advantage of cloud computing on their own terms.
"Although some competitors would have you believe that you must move everything into the cloud now, don't be misled. All the investments you have already made can help to enable the full promise of cloud computing."
He added: “We are providing the most comprehensive set of choices available to customers."
Microsoft has also updated its Windows Azure software development kit which will support NET Framework 4, IntelliTrace and the final version of Visual Studio 2010.

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