How to deploy Communications Server 14

Communications Server 14 is nearly here, the new presence and office collaboration tool from Microsoft. Doubtless some people will get in at tangle trying to work out how to deploy it so here are some handy tips from the senior IT consultant for PointBridge, Jeff Schertz.

Central Management Store

The server configuration data for Communications Server 14 is now in a Central Management Store. This simplifies Edge Server deployment so that configuration data is pushed to workgroup Edge servers.

Operating systems

The main Operating Systems for Communications server 14 are the Server 2008 R2 64-bit and the Server 2008 SP2 64-bit


For A/V conferencing on Communications Server 14 you can either use a single consolidated server for SMEs or a
consolidated Front-End servers for large companies. The front end server can also be used for archiving.
If you are using Direct SIP or SIP Trunking, SIP traffic will instead work on DNS load balancing.


The Communications Server 14 Director uses SQL Express instead of a Pool server. No SQL back end database, is required.


PowerShell is a new management tool for the Communication Server Management Shell. The Communication Server Management Shell has replaced the The MMC-based management shell (LCSCMD).


If you are taking the Communications Server 14 server offline it can be drained and moved to another node in the pool.

If you need more information check out the full blog.

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